2023 Okotoks Optimist Scavenger Hunt

Reveal the scattered sentence using all 11 hidden words to receive a totally awesome prize!

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July 20-23, 2023
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11 words are scattered around Okotoks. Your goal is to find and collect all the words to create a sentence promoting optimism, citizenship, teams and a "Rock the Games" attitude.

Here are the clues...

  1. A place where balls fly high and a bat can be seen but not in the sky.
  2. Minutes transform into hours as actors perform and empower.
  3. Paintings, drawing and doodles galore, this building has so much in store.
  4. A place full of books that can make you think and take you on a journey in a blink.
  5. The second one in town, with hoses, trucks and bright lights, that save lives with water any day or night.
  6. This structure get you across the Sheep on foot without getting wet in the water deep. 
  7. Campers come to stay and kids come to play. Roar!
  8. Where town decisions are made and people have a say.
  9. Old and young skate on ice, sharing memories oh so nice.
  10. The bell rings, the performance starts, and actors play all different parts.
  11. Park named after a beloved town mayor.
Keep your words to solve the puzzle sentence.

Use these hashtags #OkotoksOptimist #2023ASG and #RocktheGames to post on social media as you go. 

The first 50 winners will receive a prize. These can be picked up at The Okotoks Public Library, or Mainstreet Market on McRae street during regular business hours, or at the Okotoks Optimist Club booth at the Taste of Okotoks/ Heart of the Games community event on July 22/2023 11-4 pm. Just reveal the hidden sentence at the front desk of any of these locations to win your prize.

Don't miss out on this fun adventure around town!
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